Terms and Conditions

These are the legally binding terms and conditions between Power Swift Mobile LLC (referred to as "we," "us," or "our") and our customers (referred to as "you" or "your") who use our services. By using our services, you agree to these terms and conditions, which may be updated from time to time. It is your responsibility to review and agree to the most current version of these terms and conditions before using our services.


We reserve the right to change our pricing and fees for our services at any time, without prior notice. New charges may also be added based on market changes.

Modifications to the Terms and Conditions

We may change these terms and conditions periodically. Any changes will be updated on our website. We reserve the right to add, modify, or discontinue any service without prior notice. No third party has the right to modify or discontinue our services. By using our services, you agree to these terms and conditions, as well as any modifications we make.

Privacy Policy

We value our relationship with our customers and are committed to responsible information handling. We protect our customers' personal information and comply with all privacy laws. We may collect customers' contact information, such as name, address, email, and phone number, as part of our business. We reserve the right to use images related to our customers' devices on social media platforms for marketing purposes. If you wish to have your images removed, please contact us.

We may contact our customers occasionally to inform them of new services and promotional activities. You have the right to unsubscribe from our notifications at any time.

Backup Data

It is your responsibility to back up all data on your device, computer, phone, or any storage device attached, detached, or internal before contacting us for service. Data includes any information, files, or software installed on the device. You must remove all detachable components from the device, including any accessories, cases, or stickers. We are not responsible for lost or misplaced items that are not part of the device being serviced. By purchasing repairs or services from us, you agree that we and our third-party service providers will not be responsible for any loss, disclosure, or alteration of data under any circumstances.

Device Storage

If you leave your device with us for repairs, you have 30 days to pick it up. If payment is not made within that time, we reserve the right to dispose of the device.

Contact Avenues

We will attempt to contact you through the contact methods provided at the time of check-in, such as email, text message, calls, and social media. If we have contact information for someone other than you, we may attempt to contact them to pass on a message. If you leave another person's contact information with us, we will assume they have the power and ability to pick up your device if it is repaired.

Limitations of Service

We are not responsible for any delay in service due to reasons beyond our control, such as shipment delays, damages, theft, or misplacement of packages. We reserve the right to continue service even with delays.


The Customer agrees to protect Power Swift Mobile and its affiliates, including directors, officers, agents, employees/contract employees, and third-party vendors from any losses, charges, damages, actions, claims, and other expenses, including attorney's fees, arising from or related to any breach of this Agreement, violation of any copyright, patent, or trade secret, failure to pay charges, failure to comply with laws, or any act of the Customer or its representatives.


Power Swift Mobile provides a 45-day warranty for iPhone Aftermarket Basic Screens and a 90-day manufacturer warranty for all other repairs. There is no warranty for software services, tempered glass screen protectors, accessories, or any other products. The warranty only covers natural defects and is not an insurance policy. If the screen or part is damaged again, the warranty will be void. If the device is water damaged, no warranty will be provided for the device itself, only for the part that was installed.

Device sales come with 7 day return, 30 days exchange and 60 day warranty. If device has any damage, they will need to be repaired prior to return or exchange.


Either party can terminate the service by giving written notice via text or email. After termination, the Customer cannot use the service anymore. Power Swift Mobile is not responsible for anything that happens after the device is picked up.


Power Swift Mobile will collect identifying information for each device and may use it for warranty claims, future service requests, or working with law enforcement if fraud is suspected. The Customer agrees not to file a chargeback claim with the credit card provider using false terms. Power Swift Mobile will not return a device that is not functioning unless stated otherwise. If the Customer claims fraud after repair, Power Swift Mobile reserves the right to take legal action, including filing a civil court case, blacklisting the device IMEI until repayment is satisfied, and other necessary methods. By accepting these conditions, the Customer acknowledges that if the device is blacklisted, it will never function on the network again.

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