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Need a device unlocked?
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We offer many services to unlock your device. We can carrier unlock most iPhones and Galaxies. We can also perform FRP removal if you forgot your Google password on Android devices. We can also perform device factory reset and try to recover your data if it’s still in the Apple/Google server/cloud. Most services can be done within 2 hours. Feel free to contact us if you need help with unlocking your device! 

We DO NOT perform the following:

iCloud unlocking – We CANNOT remove iCloud. If you don’t know your Apple ID password and cannot reset it, please contact Apple to get it recovered.

Password unlocking/removal – With the encryption nowadays, you will need to reset your device. If you forgot your password to get into your device you will have to restore your iDevice through iTunes and log in with the same Apple ID you used to set it up. In most cases we cannot reset your Apple ID. You can bring in your device if you need help restoring. With Android devices, we can perform factory reset, although you will lose all your data. This may be recoverable if it’s saved to Google backup or Samsung backup. 

Professional Device Unlocking

Power Swift Mobile offers carrier unlocking and factory reset protection (FRP) removal services for the most popular iPhone models and Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Lost access to your iPhone or Android phone data? We’ve got you covered with our professional phone factory reset and data recovery services for various cell phone brands and models.

Carrier Unlock

Want to use your iPhone or other smartphones with a different carrier? That can be a problem when you’re using a cell phone that’s locked to one specific carrier. But here at Power Swift Mobile, we’ve got the solution.

Our carrier unlocking services are offered to most iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models in the market. Feel free to call or text us today at (443) 987-6750 or send us an email at and tell us what smartphone brand you want carrier unlocked. We’ll be happy to help!

FRP Removal

All Android phones running on Android OS Version 5.1 (Lollipop) come with a security feature called “factory reset protection” or FRP. It protects your device and the information it contains. It is activated automatically when a Google account registered and connected to your Android device and detected to be attempting a factory data reset in a suspicious nature.

This means that if your Android phone has been factory reset in a way other than the usual Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset, the FRP gets enabled and the attempt won’t push through.

This usually happens when your phone is stolen or when you’ve lost access to your device and you’re trying to do a factory data reset to protect your phone’s content.

Our FRP Removal Service

Here at Power Swift Mobile, we know the importance of data protection. That’s why we offer FRP removal services that won’t take us more than 2 hours to finish and help you protect your smartphone’s data.

Need an FRP removal? Reach out to us today and let us fix the problem for you.

Android Phone Data Recovery

We can also assist you with recovering your data from the Google server. If you forgot the Google account credentials connected to your Android phone, we can help you get your data back or protect it.

We DO NOT Perform iCloud Unlocking

Why? Apple has a support mechanism readily available to its customers for iCloud account retrieval. If your iPhone is stuck in the iCloud activation screen, we strongly suggest reaching out to Apple.

We DO NOT Perform iPhone Password Removal

If you forgot the password you need to unlock your device, you’ll have to log in to the iCloud account connected to your iPhone. This requires you to verify your identity and perform a reset to regain access to your iPhone.

Need help with unlocking and data recovery? Contact us today and tell us what you need us to unlock or recover for you! You can reach us through call and text at (443) 987-6750 or email us at